White Riempies come in lengths of approximately 1.8 metres

Prices below exclude VAT and are subject to change without notice - ex Silverton.

Qty > 100 ZAR15.00 per length of approx 1,8 mts

Qty < 100 ZAR19.00 per length of approx 1,8mts
Raw Riempies 6mm
Qty > 100mts ZAR11.55 per metre
Qty <100mts  ZAR12.50 per metre
Raw Riempies come in rolls of approximately 30 metres

Available in the following widths:
  • 4mm *
  • 6mm (Standard)
  • 8mm *
  • 10mm *
  • 12mm *
  • *These widths are available on special request.
Coloured Leather Thongs / Strips
ZAR 12.50 per length excl VAT

Coloured thongs come in lengths of approximately 1.8 metres.

The thongs have been cut from Upholstery Hides (approx 1.2mm substance) and are not suitable for chairs etc - Please use Raw Riempies or White (Alum) Riempies.

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