White Riempies

White Riempies come in lengths of approximately 1.8 metres

Prices below exclude VAT and are subject to change without notice - ex Silverton.

Qty > 100 ZAR15.00 per length of approx 1,8 mts

Qty < 100 ZAR19.00 per length of approx 1,8mts
Raw Riempies 6mm
Qty > 100mts ZAR11.55 per metre
Qty <100mts  ZAR12.50 per metre
Raw Riempies come in rolls of approximately 30 metres
Available in the following widths:
4mm *
6mm (Standard)
8mm *
10mm *
12mm  *
* These widths are available on special request

Coloured Leather Thongs / Strips approx 1.8mt lengths
ZAR 12.50 per length excl VAT

The thongs have been cut from Upholstery Hides (approx 1.2mm substance) and are not suitable for chairs etc - Please use Raw Riempies or White (Alum) Riempies.