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Buckle D/Prong 38mm A/b B71

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R 50.94 incl VAT
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Raw Riempies

Riempies are supplied in rolls from approximately 20 meters to 40 meters depending on the area of the hide. Pricing is per meter and we will select a roll closest to the length you require. You will be billed on actual length Available in the following widths: 6mm (Standard) 8mm * 10mm * 12mm * (* - These widths are available on special request)
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Buckle D/Prong 38mm Nic B71

R 42.32 incl VAT
Picture of Buckle 38mm A/Brass B41

Buckle 38mm A/Brass B41

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Buckle B35 A/Brass 38mm

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