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Corner CN22T422SBREX 22mm

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Welded O Ring 32mm A/Brass

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Wool Daubers 1" 3445-00

Ideal for applying leather dye, finishes and edge dressing. Small dauber is great for small projects and edging; use medium dauber for broad, smooth stain and dye application. For large areas, use jumbo size dauber to apply stains or dyes. Approx. diameter: 25mm (1").
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D-Ring 32mm Nic Welded HC207N

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Awl Blade Size 3 3319-07

This quality awl blade is made from forged steel can get into any difficult to reach places. Works with any of our awl hafts. Forged steel. 60mm (2.4") length. Diamond shaped blade. 1 pc/ pack.
R 98.04 incl VAT