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Extra Tubes Pro Rotary punch 6mm 3798

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WB Dyes

Water based dyes for use on veg leather Various colours as per drop down menu. Other colours available on request Available in 200ml, 1 litre, 5 litres Colours shown may differ slightly and should be used as an indication only.
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Picture of Wing Divider #3607-00

Wing Divider #3607-00

Plot and measure curves with this handy wing divider. Ideal for scribing arcs, gauging and dividing lines. Adjust up to 152mm (6") wide.
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Picture of Edge Creaser Adjustable #8072-00

Edge Creaser Adjustable #8072-00

Designed for making parallel lines, inside borders, decorative work and more. This creaser can be adjusted to suit your project need. The longer outer edge ensures the creaser follows along the leather edges during use. Hardwood Handle. Screw adjustment. Adjust up to 8mm (5/16") wide.
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Picture of Edge Skiving Tool  6mm  #88080-00

Edge Skiving Tool 6mm #88080-00

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