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Eyelet 23mm OBrass EYN028 BOBRSP/ WAN028

SKU: 107031
Sold in packs of 50 OR Box of 1000. Size Large: Hole diameter 13mm. Exterior diameter 23mm.
R 185.00 excl VAT
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Button Screw MSLL01/7BOBREX 7mm LL-01

Screw Stud 7mm Old Brass
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Leather Marking Pen

Specially designed for leather, this marking pen leaves visible silver marks, making your outlines easy to find on any color leather. The marking pen is designed that the marking will not rub off. It is used to indicate outlines on any colour leather. Marking will not rub off during handling & sewing.
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Rvt 9mm RVT455 O/Brass D/Head

Sold in packs of 100 OR box of 2000. Length 9mm. Head diameter 9mm. Double Head Rivet.
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