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Picture of Leather Sealant/Protector (Spray Can)

Leather Sealant/Protector (Spray Can)

The Scotchguard for Leather - give your leather a waterproof & oil proof coating. Prevents stains and uneven watermarks on your leather.
R 208.72 incl VAT
Picture of Leather Dressing

Leather Dressing

Available in 200ml, 1 litre, 5 litres. A nourishing treatment to keep your leather in great condition.
R 82.22 incl VAT

Leather Oil Wax

Ideal for touching up scratches Available in Black, Brown, Tan , Ox Blood, Beige, Red, Dark Grey, Dark Green and Navy
R 184.00 incl VAT

Leather Cleaner and Nourisher

For use on upholstery and automotive leathers, handbags, shoes and all types of leather except suede, nubuck and crust leather. South African Bureau of Standards tested. Available in 250ml 1 litre 5 litres and 25 litre drums
R 68.94 incl VAT
Picture of Dales Dubbin 250ml

Dales Dubbin 250ml

R 63.25 incl VAT
Picture of Dales Saddle Soap 250ml

Dales Saddle Soap 250ml

R 46.98 incl VAT
Picture of Dales Leather Oil 500ml

Dales Leather Oil 500ml

A deep penetrating action feeds, beautifies and preserves leather whilst keeping it soft and supple. The preparation makes the leather water resistant, preventing mould growth and cracking. Suitable for the use on saddlery and harness, walking and hiking boots
R 109.25 incl VAT
Picture of Dales Hide Food 250ml

Dales Hide Food 250ml

R 102.92 incl VAT
Picture of Dales Neatfoot Oil 500ml

Dales Neatfoot Oil 500ml

Neatsfoot oil is used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather. Well suited for use on leather belting, harness and saddlery.
R 120.75 incl VAT

Bees Wax Stick - Substitute

R 15.24 incl VAT
Picture of Slick Back Jar 250ml

Slick Back Jar 250ml

Slick Back, sold in jars of 250ml, is a product to rub on the underneath “back” & side of leather to give it a smooth, slick texture. Most often used on Veg leather but is suitable for any leather.
R 86.25 incl VAT
Picture of Leather Balsam 125ml

Leather Balsam 125ml

Used as a leather conditioner - contains beeswax. Waterproofs - Preserves- Protects Not recommended for suede or nu-buck
R 70.72 incl VAT