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Needle Perma-Lok #1193-05

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Picture of Needle Perma-Lok #1193-01 1.5-2mm

Needle Perma-Lok #1193-01 1.5-2mm

Solid brass needle with a flat point for easier work with chisel slits. To secure the lace in the needle, simply slice the tip of your lace, then twist it into the back of the needle. Great for braiding and weaving. Solid brass. Small round tip for 1.5mm-2mm (1/16"-5/64") lace. 1 pc/ pack.
R 54.97 incl VAT
Picture of Stamp X513 6513-00

Stamp X513 6513-00

Basketweave stamps are used for many decorative and special effect purposes. With just one Basketweave Stamp, you can cover a large area with a nice repeat in a short amount of time. Add a border design around your pattern for a finished look. For use with any mallets or mauls except metal hammer. Approx. stamp size: 12.3mm (31/64") x 6.4mm (1/4")
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Picture of Needle Lok-eye #1194-00

Needle Lok-eye #1194-00

R 68.94 incl VAT
Picture of Wooden Slicker 8121-00

Wooden Slicker 8121-00

This tool is ideal for small curved areas that are often hard to reach. Featuring a long handle and four groove widths, this slicker makes burnishing leather project easier. 15cm x 2.5cm (6" x 1").
R 123.11 incl VAT