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Press/st 15mm STP703 black

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Wool Daubers 1/2 3443-00

Ideal for applying leather dye, finishes and edge dressing. Small dauber is great for small projects and edging; use medium dauber for broad, smooth stain and dye application. For large areas, use jumbo size dauber to apply stains or dyes. Approx. diameter: 13mm (1/2").
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Picture of Screw Button Stud 8mm 11311-01 Brass

Screw Button Stud 8mm 11311-01 Brass

Stud: 8mm (5/16"). Base: 10mm (3/8"). Height: 10mm (3/8"). Finish: BP. Material: Solid brass. Nickel free plating. Screw back.
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Picture of Wing Divider #3607-00

Wing Divider #3607-00

Plot and measure curves with this handy wing divider. Ideal for scribing arcs, gauging and dividing lines. Adjust up to 152mm (6") wide.
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Press Stud Tool 1503-11 27088

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