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Stamp BW1

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Create authentic looking barbed wire border design. For use with any mallets or mauls except metal hammer. Approx. stamp size: 10 mm (3/8") x 3.6 mm (9/64")
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Picture of Leathercraft Tool V407 6407-00

Leathercraft Tool V407 6407-00

In floral carving, Veiner Stamps are used to create veins in leaves. They are also great for making border designs. For use with any Ivan mallets or mauls except metal hammer. 32228-01 Marble Slab recommended. Approx. stamp size: 16.4mm (41/64") x 4.9mm (3/16").
R 133,05 excl VAT
Picture of Tubular Rivet Tool #8100-00

Tubular Rivet Tool #8100-00

Setter for 6mm (1/4") ~ 10mm (3/8") rivets. For use with 8056-00 Rivet Anvil. For use with any Ivan mallet.
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Leather Marking Pen

Specially designed for leather, this marking pen leaves visible silver marks, making your outlines easy to find on any color leather.
R 59,95 excl VAT
Picture of Stamp 3D Ivans 8533

Stamp 3D Ivans 8533

With hundreds of patterns to choose from, this intricately detail 2D/3D stamp is the fast and easy way to decorate any leather project. The stamp pattern can be applied on leather using stamp handle or hand press. Works on vegetable-tanned leather. Stamp handle required for hand application. Approx. 27mm (1-1/16") x 30mm (1-3/16").
R 99,85 excl VAT