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Waxy Distress Sides Brown 1.8/2.00

SKU: 2021001022
For our online shop we will use an average area to reflect the price (+- 10%) You will be billed on actual area, determined after the hide/skin is selected. As each skin / hide is usually a different size, the area of the skin /hide is used to determine the price. Leather is pre-measured from the tanneries in dm2 (10cm x10cm) 1mt2=100dm2
R 801.55 incl VAT
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Veg Look Sides 1.6/2

(Veg Retan) - is a Genuine Leather that has both Chrome Tanning and a smaller percentage of Veg Tanning properties. The leather is more flexible and stretches more than pure Veg Tanned Leather - ideal for Bags and goods Very popular Average Side 190dm2 Available in Tan, Dark Brown, Black and Beige
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